Kayla Shepherd14 Sep 2017

Our First Aid journey so far........

Well the last few months have been very busy, with the launch of our open courses and our Mini Medic workshops for children over the summer holidays.

we have enjoyed attending several networking meetings, where we have met some fantastic people and shared our passion for first aid.

Kayla (our instructor) especially enjoyed attending an Anaphylaxis Campaign meeting at St Pauls in Worthing, Here is what she had to say about the meeting:

 Lily (one of our baby manikins) and I found the meeting inspiring and I met a lovely group of parents who have children with allergies (some with very severe reactions) during the meeting I was able to talk to the parents and understand their frustrations regarding the awareness of anaphylaxis reactions and the importance of Epi - Pen training. The parents were able to share top tips on travelling, eating out in restaurants and going to childrens parties. I had the opportunity to explain about Safety Mode Ltd and how our training courses cover Anaphylaxis, all the parents were very keen to attend one of our First Aid workshops for parents and carers (which covers Anaphylaxis and Epi - pens. I am looking forward to meeting them again on the 6th October.

If you would like more information about the Anaphylaxis Campaign please visit