Kayla Shepherd20 Jun 2018

Restart The Heart Campaign

On the 16th of October The British Heart Fondation is again running their annual intiative Restart the Heart, this initiative aims to train as many people as possible in CPR in one day.

Last year 195,000 young people were trained in life saving skills across the uk !! 

If you suffer an out-of-hospital cardic arrest in the uk, you have less than one in ten chance of surviving!  Safety Mode Ltd want to help change that and you can help ! we are looking for schools or anyone that works with young people over the Worthing area who would like to take part in the campaign. Do you know;  anyone who works in a school or maybe the school your children go to, a community youth group, would they like to get involved and provide an opportunity for young people to learn these life saving skills?

Did you know that you maybe eligible for free CPR training kits !! 

This September will also be the 1 year anniversary of the very tragic day our company director lost her husband, this is another reason why we at Safety Mode Ltd are keen to spread far and wide the importance of learning these skills, life is too short so learn these life skills TODAY !

Go to the British Heart Fondation website to find out more

or Contact Kayla: for more information