Safety Mode Ltd25 Jan 2019

Attitudes & Fears – First Aid in the Workplace

First Aid is not just a vital skill for you as an individual but also an essential skill to have within the workplace.

So why is First Aid training in the workplace so limited?

I recently conducted a presentation at a local Business Network Meeting, whereby I asked the 59 people in the room who had undertaken First Aid training in the last 12 months, to which not one person stood up. I then asked how many people had undertaken First Aid training in the last 3 years – only 5 people out of 40 stood up.

This is a staggeringly scary statistic, and one that needs to change urgently.

Many employers think that just because one member of the team or the manager has undertaken First Aid training, that this is enough – I couldn’t disagree more. What happens if that person isn’t in on a certain day? What happens when your First Aiders take annual leave? Even scarier, what if it’s your First Aider that is taken ill or is injured?

In my opinion, every person in the workplace should have some form of First Aid training and experience. Whilst employers may find this costly, in my opinion, you can’t put a price on saving a life.

For some businesses, managers don’t seem to value the importance of First Aid in the workplace beyond the legal requirements of having one or two members of the staff team fully First Aid trained.

Similarly, many don’t appreciate that despite what type of business you are, everyone should have First Aid skills; many believe that if you are an office-based workplace there is less need for everyone to be First Aid than say if you are a construction-based company. This couldn’t be further from the truth; accidents in the work place can happen anywhere, at any time and at varying levels of severity, and so ensuring that everyone is adequately prepared to deal with these first aid emergencies, and it should be viewed across all work places to be a high priority.

There are obvious medical and life-saving benefits to staff being First Aid trained, but there are also other practical benefits that will benefit any workplace.

Not only will employees learn vital life-saving skills, but First Aid training will also enable them to become more safety aware, which in turn supports the decrease in the number of accidents that occur within the workplace.

In addition to this, First Aid training gives employees the knowledge and confidence they need to manage an emergency situation without fear or hesitation.

These vital First Aid skills are so important to every person of all ages and walks of life, so much so, the Government has recently confirmed plans to teach CPR in schools. (You can read more about this here:

If you are considering investing in First Aid training for your staff team, get into the ‘ MODE’ and act fast.    

First Aid is a lesson you will never regret learning.