Kayla Shepherd31 May 2019

'First Aid for Mental Health'

As Mental Health Awareness Week comes to a close, this has led us to reflect on recent training we have undertaken and how essential this training is for every work place and school.

Mental Health is at the forefront of the society’s current issues; around 1 in 2 people will experience mental illness in some way, of varying levels of severity at some point in their lifetime.

Those statistics are staggering and something that all workplaces, teachers and people who work directly with other people should have not only basic knowledge and understanding of, but also adequate training in to prevent the UK’s mental health crisis reaching it’s peak.

Here at Safety Mode, we are with the countless other businesses and professionals that recognise the significant rise in mental health issues in the UK and are keen to do something about it.

As a result, we have undertaken our ‘First Aid for Mental Health’ training which enables us to be able to adequately identify those in need or suffering and be equipped with ways in which to reach out, talk and support people who may need it.

Many Mental Health Advocates believe and are campaigning for at least one person in the workplace or within a school team to be adequately trained in First Aid for Mental health to enable more people to get the support, advice and understanding they need, before it’s too late.

Our training taught us some incredibly valuable skills, information and techniques and we whole-heartedly believe that if there was to be one or more people adequately trained in First Aid for Mental Health, then so many more people would be supported in time before their mental health and wellbeing deteriorates further.

When we think of it like this; every workplace/school, by law has people within their company or setting that is adequately trained in physical First Aid, and so why should our Mental Health be any different or neglected? Just because we can’t physically see the suffering a person is going through, does not mean it isn’t there and that they don’t need our help.

Having been privileged enough to under-take First Aid Mental Health training we have witnessed first-hand how invaluable these skills are and how by having Mental Health First Aiders available in the workplace and in schools is a huge step in the right direction for supporting the UK’s mental health crisis.

So we urge you, as a business owner, an employee, or someone who wants to learn an incredible skill that essentially means you could help save someone’s life; contact us for a list of our First Aid for Mental Health training courses or workshops.  kayla@safetymode.co.uk

For more information on Mental Health First Aid, follow these useful link: