Kayla Shepherd25 Oct 2019

Sports injuries and First Aid

Many people may think that just having the basic/required First Aid training and certificate enables a person to apply this knowledge within any particular sector/circumstance, however it is essential that where necessary, we personalise our First Aid skills and learning to the particular setting and role we are working within.

A perfect example of this, is a recent news report from America in regards to athletes; basketball players in particular, who are being encouraged to return to their usual training and playing career only six months after a potentially catastrophic ACL break (The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the ligaments in the knee joint), when in reality, normal recovery time can take up to one to two years to fully recover and heal before a person would be encouraged to play professionally again.

In our opinion, it is essential for anyone working within the sports and fitness industry, in whatever capacity, to ensure that they not only have basic First Aid training and life-saving skills, but that they perhaps too begin to think about accessing specialised ‘Sports Injury First Aid’ too in order to prevent any mis-diagnosis, the wrong treatment or an injury being made worse un-necessarily.

Those working with young children access specialised paediatric First Aid training, why should the sports and fitness industry be any different?

Within the sports and fitness industry there is such a vast range of injuries and accidents that can occur, not just those that result in life-saving treatment, but those that can potentially end people’s careers.

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